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Live Your Best Groundhog Day, Episode 12


Hey housewives come on in. You know the dirty dishes are still in the sink and the laundry is still in the basket. Pop your air pods and make yourself at home here. I'm Tori. I'm Tracy and we are You're unlikely housewives stepping out in faith and believing that God calls me unlikely we are here to show you the appreciation and validation you deserve lead you to authentic relationships and release you from believing the cultural lies to restore your faith and wellness. Pull up those high waisted yoga pants. Tighten your top knot and reheat your coffee for the third time today. Turn up the volume and let's go your hand in


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Okay, housewives rising shine. Don't forget your booties. It's cold out there today. It's cold out there every day. What is this Miami Beach? Not hardly you can expect a hazardous travel later with that Blizzard thing. That Blizzard thing? Here's the report. This one is coming from Miss tombs. I'm obsessed with this podcast from the first episode as a girl who moved to a new town when I got married. I can relate to everything. I love the real talk and we'll be sharing with my friends. Keep it up sisters. Thanks so much. Miss Toombs for your comment there. The big question on everybody's lid on their chapped lips. Do you think Phil will come out and see his shadow? That's right. What Chuck Tucker's tomorrow is Groundhog Day. And in punk said Tony, punks to Wani No. punks are tiny. Yes, punks are tiny, maybe our country's oldest groundhog festival. So as you know, according to the legend, tomorrow, February 2, if the groundhog wakes and sees his shadow, we've got six more weeks of winter to look forward to. So keep your fingers crossed, that he doesn't know right. We hope you guys enjoyed that. If you know what we're talking about, then you have seen this movie Groundhog Day. And if you don't, you should watch it. Because you got none of that you're like is this the right podcast? I bet What are they doing? We love the movie. And for those of you that don't know, it was created in 1993. Yeah. So back in the 1900s. As I'm working, this is what we see now. Oh my gosh. But Tracy, do you want to feel old for a second? Yes, I was seven when that movie came out? Yeah, I was a teenager. Sorry. So it was my husband. I was like, that's weird that you like he could actually go to the movie theater, buy himself to go see them. And I know at that point, it was such a funny movie. So creative, you know, Sony. But now that you watch it, and we're going to share with you guys a few different perspectives to look at it. It's actually a really good movie. It is it is am I right? Or am I right? Or am I right? Right. And we just watched it this week. I'm not gonna lie. I watched the whole thing for the first time this week. And I let my eight year old my seven year old watch it now while there's some parts that they didn't quite get, but they were like, Oh, that's funny. Yeah. Some of that stuff. Well in the 90s you're not quite sure if a PG movie. It's PG right. Yeah, yeah, if the PG movie is going to be although I want to say everything that was PG is now G rated and everything that was PG 13 is now like PG PG.


The rating scale has shifted a bit. Yes. Uh huh. They've let go a little bit on what they will accept.


Yeah, it's, it's a little different. What was the movie? Oh, big, big, isn't it, but maybe a few parts that are not kid appropriate. And we watched it a lot as a child. So okay, we thought this would be fun to play off Groundhog Day. It is here and there is either a love or hate relationship with the thought of Groundhog Day. So some people love a routine structure same thing every day and find peace in that and some hate it. How do you feel about it? I'm a mix of both. As I like having routine with my kids. That is a routine that I like but personally if I start doing the same thing over I get bored. I keep looking like okay, what's the next thing as an Enneagram seven I want the next Adventure, I want to do something else outside the norm outside of the routine. But when it comes to parenting, I love a routine and schedule. Yeah, I absolutely do too. And I think that's the only way that I'm organized with for kids and like getting out of the house and stuff is if we have that routine, I think that's why I love the weekends is because Monday through Friday is so structured, you know, get the kids up this time, get them ready, breakfast, out the door, school, all of that. And then obviously, my fillers in between during the days and then pick the kids back up. And then it's like the same thing every afternoon and evening. Right? So that structure helps. But how do we find the joy in those moments? And how do we find the excitement or joy or positivity in the typical Groundhog Day, for example. So when we moved here, this is something that both you and I we've talked about when we moved here, and we didn't have the places to go in the things to do. Groundhog Day was what we were living it was that mundane over and over. And over at that excitement. What time of year did you move? July? Okay, yeah, so it was right before school started. So we moved in the middle of the summer, which was kind of hard because we were trying to like wrap up summer, which it was very short summer for us, because our school district where we moved from in Chicago ran till the end of June. And it started in August here. So my kids had a short summer. So we were trying to jam everything in in the summer. So we were doing all the fun things. So my Groundhog Day started when the kids went back to school, and we've been doing all the fun things. And then it was okay, let's get into a routine and let's figure out what we're doing. And that was when I started to really feel the weight of what's my purpose. What am I going to do? I'm living in this place doing the same thing over and over and over. And I wasn't happy. I think for us it was we moved here at right before Thanksgiving. And you're not familiar with the Midwest. People hibernate? Yeah, here because it's cold. And we literally did not see a neighbor for four months until it warmed up and I will say actually longer because the first Easter we had it snowed. And then I asked my husband what sweet hell did you move us to?


Nothing going on but close in a road? Thank Blizzard moving in. What blizzard? It's a couple of flakes.


It's like I am Where's my Easter dress and my heels? This is not it? Yeah, we have our Easter's are definitely snow boots and heels. I mean, we've been one of the other. Yeah, exactly, exactly. But it was it was with the kids. It was the preschool thing. We had gotten them. But I mean, it was the same routine. And we didn't have the after school activities. We didn't have the outside groups, and then we would just come home to what felt like an empty neighborhood. Yeah, because we didn't see anybody and then you do you just get into that mundane, here we go another day, make the lunch, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah dah. chauffeur, chauffeur chauffeur. So well, one of the quotes that we both connected to and laughed with from the movie was,


what would you do? If you were stuck in one place? Every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered.


And I think that last part is what really stuck to us. Because when we moved here, both of us felt like that purpose had been not stolen from us not like it just kind of, you know, muffled like we knew, obviously, you know, our mystery is our children, our family, our marriage, all of those things are important to us. So it's not that those things went away. So we knew that what we were doing could matter. I think we both struggled with, what does that look like here? Right. And I think to motherhood in general, gives you that when I mean you had a successful career prior to kids, right. And so you felt that purpose. You have felt that purpose elsewhere other than just motherhood? Yeah. And so, motherhood is absolutely fulfilling, and it is absolutely our primary purpose. But most moms, I mean, I wouldn't dare to say even all moms, you're not just mom, and that you need to be doing something that the outside and outside of the home per se but because here we are in our closet. But that that is purpose filling in striven, like it's purpose driven. Right. You know, and I think that we both have done multiple things throughout and as we look at motherhood, and we are referencing Groundhog Day, you know, in the beginning of motherhood when you have newborns, I mean, it's eat sleep, play, eat, sleep, play. I mean, that could not be anymore. Yeah, Groundhog Day, or how's it eat, play sleep? So how we do this with babies with newborns? About seven years out, so I'm a little out of that routine. But yes, that's sleep if you're lucky. Yeah, I mean, did you sleep wellness? Congress


I slept longest like,


we've got a couple of friends going through that well, and I think that when you do have that, like heavy weight and that heavy feeling of like, is this cycle ever gonna end? Like, am I gonna get to do something that I want to do without feeling selfish? You know, we have so much that's within us. And we need to be able to share it. I think you do feel that like routine, mundane, if you're not bringing a little bit of that peace outside of you? Well, one of the things that when we finished watching the movie, you and I talked about it, but there are actually some good morals out of this silly, silly movie, believe it or not. And the main one would be live every day as if you were Phil, in the movie Groundhog Day. And that's simply because like, it takes him a while to figure it out. Yeah, he was it for those of you that haven't seen the movie, he was trying every single day to do something different. Spoiler alert. Granted, this movie was made in 1993. So don't get mad at us for telling you how it goes. But basically, what happens is this weatherman goes to pucks. Itani. Oh, that's how you say it. Yeah, uh huh. And he goes to do this groundhog thing. But the next day, he wakes up, and he has to relive Groundhog Day, over and over. And so he starts doing crazy things like at one point, He robs an armored truck. At one point, he drives on train tracks, he throws himself off a ravine with the groundhog. And the next day, every time he wakes up at 6am, and he listens to his alarm clock radio go off. And he knows that he's living the exact same day over. So it takes him a while. Fun fact, okay, somebody did a study trying to figure out how long the loop is because it doesn't give you a timeline of how many days he lives in this time loop that to learn the piano to learn French and to learn, like the other skills that he picks up that you catch on throughout the movie. It's 33 years. So it does take a while to create routines and grow and become who you want to be. Yeah. So there's that. But what's interesting now is that when he starts a time loop, he starts it all out for himself. Right? Every single day, he tries to get something out of for himself, like he's living everyday for himself as in trying to get a date with a girl or he robbed the armored truck, like I said, but I do love his transition, I would say from selfishness to selflessness, you know, I mean, that was the whole goal of the movie and being intentional in like he was taking note every single day. So that's something that's interesting on that one, right. So like, for example, the the girl he wanted to have a date with Yes, okay. He every single day, his goal was to get her to go out with him. And he would learn that she doesn't like white chocolate that she doesn't like fudge, and her favorite drink. Yeah, her the sweet vermouth with a twist, drink, which even my husband was like, that's awful. And she would cheers to world peace. Yes. Things he kept taking small notes of, and making changes every single day. Exactly. So he was more and more like her and making her believe that oh, my gosh, we have this in common this in common. But if you take away the lesson from that for ourselves, it would be like, figure out what works and what doesn't work. Like are you a morning person? Not everybody is and that's okay. Right. So don't do the tasks at hand when you're groggy and not brain focus? Are you more of an afternoon person? Like, you know, it's finding, playing with every single day tweaking every single day to see for the optimal day? Yeah. And I think when we both have made some new routines in the last two years, right, I mean, can we talk about how 2020 was groundhog life, like living for everybody? I mean, you know, we were in quarantine, we were doing the same thing over and over. We were trying to add spice to our life and playing different family games that we'd never played before or going on walks in different trails, we'd never been on just all the things you know, we were trying to think outside the box. And that is what we want to encourage you to be doing is take something that felt good today or worked well today, and try it again tomorrow.


Gosh, you're an upbeat lady.


You know, I'm a morning person. I love getting up in the morning and having my coffee and having my quiet time. But that is not you know, and that is our way. But we each have found what works for us. We want you to be intentional fact, I'm a little worried. I just want you guys to know this. We're traveling here in a couple of months together. I booked a morning flight and she booked a morning flight back and I had the opportunity because I hadn't booked my flight yet to book later in the afternoon. And she goes like you're not gonna book it like Afternoon just so you could sleep in, right? And I was like, why not? Yeah. So I did book the same flight to go back home with her, but you can sacrifice your sleep to your friend I know. So, okay, the second moral fun lesson from this was that life is so much more enjoyable when you take the focus off yourself and put it genuinely on others. And obviously, that is what he was trying to do, or as he grew along in the movie, realize that that is how his life was going to be more fulfilling. And that as mamas is probably one of the hardest things to get a hold of, because here's the deal. We are selfless. We do things for our kids all the time. So are we helping others? Absolutely. But there's one extra step that we can be doing in our communities, that is serving others. And it's hard to when you were in just crazy chaos season, you're in shuffling your kids doing all the you know, on the go stuff. When you're in that season, it's hard to think, Hey, can I help someone else out, but I can promise you because I am in a village that serves one another. And I have people who serve me that it is way more gratifying to be serving other families because I know how hard it is to be a mom in that season. Yeah. And sometimes it's as simple as just saying, yes, like, I've had a friend just messaged me, Hey, can my daughter come with you after school? So I can have a couple hours with my husband? Sure. What's one more out of two? I mean, it's not. It wasn't difficult. It was a it was an easy thing. And it's better to give than to receive, right? So when you really are putting yourself out there and saying yes to opportunities. When somebody says, hey, I need help or finding those places where your friends or your community is struggling and going, Gosh, you know, they're late to practice every single week. Maybe if I swing by and pick up that kid, you know, that would really help that Mama out. Are you relating to me always being late? Well, I kind of come at us that it I didn't. So oh, it's I do pretty good when it's just a kid or two. But when it's all of us, it gets a lot harder. And then when it's just really working to say no. Then when it's just me, it's worse, because I think I have all this time in the world does I don't have my kids and then only she has no idea. All of a sudden, something that takes five minutes is taken 15 And she's like, Oh, wait, I'll be on my way here in half an hour. Yeah. So welcome to me. So the other thing, what was really interesting to watch in Groundhog movie was that like towards middle to end, when he's figuring out that he's going to be doing this time loop for who knows how long? Why doesn't he be doing something productive in it, right. So he starts learning French, he starts taking piano lessons. And the idea that we can get from that is it every day you improve 1% By the end of the year, you're 365% better off than when you started. And it's a day, I mean, just a little bit. And that could be 1% could be just reading 10 pages in a book, or one memorizing one verse a day, if you focus on just like little bitty baby steps, you before you know it, you've improved yourself or improved a skill or something like that, just by little bitty things. Watch out for that first step you can do the that's what we always say though, is baby steps, whether it's your health and wellness journey, or, you know, learning, like you said, a new language or for me, it's like just getting up in the morning, just doing a little bit at a time I started with five minutes earlier than it was 10 minutes earlier. You know, like just now I'm an hour earlier than when my kids get up because I've seen the value of that focus time for me. But when it comes down to the 1% of it's not gonna happen every single day. But just like with you and I in this podcast. We've been we've spent six months to get to here. But we know this is the long haul. But we also we don't want to rush it.


But well, some of us do. Well, that's our like, Come on, let's go. But we are going we Well, that's it is that we don't give enough credit to the 1%. Yeah, to all that we've done in such a short amount of time. I mean, when we look back and to see how this is episode 12. And that what we have done in the last six months. I mean, there are people that take an entire year to launch a podcast and we've created content all the way through March, essentially. Yeah, like that. A lot of it is trusting God's timing on things. You know, that's why we wanted to encourage you in this light hearted way because there are a lot of things that everybody wants to do but you're feeling stuck


someday somebody's gonna see me interfering or ground I think I don't have a future


and we want to encourage you that 1% One little thing every single They can get you where you want to go whether it's you want to feel better lose weight train a marathon, like obviously those things they take one day at a time, you have to start out running a mile before you get to 26. You know, too often in culture, society tells us like, run 26 miles in three weeks. And you're like, What? No, that's ridiculous. Or the lose 30 pounds in 30 days thing. Yep. Also ridiculous. But it's because we think that we should have huge results in a short amount of time because we live in a microwave society. If I can't get this warm and hot and going and 30 seconds, then what's the point? When really, like we said, just like that 1% making it a priority 1% each day? Yeah. And I think moms, we maybe go through more seasons of that. For me. It was not until, gosh, seven years after I had my first one that like I came out and I'm like, Okay, there's still something for me to be doing. You know, I was stuck in the grind and in the groundhog for seven years of babies and breastfeeding and all the things.


Do you ever have deja vu Mrs. Lancaster? I don't think so. But I could check with the kitchen,


that once I got to that I wanted to go from zero to 100. I wanted a career back I wanted all these things, but it didn't look the same. It was gonna look different was going to take different timing. And I had to slowly learn a new way of handling, being career focus being driven. And still being a mom, you have to learn new ways. So we just want to encourage you that if you are living in Groundhog Day that you can find peace you can find joy and love in that. Absolutely. And know that you're not going to get every day right. There are going to be days that you do not get right. Just like Phil, there was days that he would say the wrong answer. And then you'd be like, well, well, Jolly again tomorrow. When you know that going in, I'm going to screw this up. I am not going to make the progress that I want every single time. I am not going to wake up early every single day, there's going to be a day that I press snooze, then you're less likely to get like frustrated and assume perfection out of yourself. Yeah, because you're not in comparison with anybody but yourself. You're only trying to get yourself better than you were the day before. Right? And bad days. Don't make bad moms. That is like a quote that stuck with me out of a book I read. I'll put it in the show notes because it actually is one of my favorite, like motherhood books that are read. Like let's think about that. Like if you're having a bad day like I did yesterday was okay day but then it was shutting my daughter's fingers in the door and that was awful. The mom guilt of all those feelings. How could you that's terrible. I know such a bad mom. You are such a bad mom. No, you're actually a good mom. JC I know. Thank you. You're a good mom. Maybe you should listen to episode what was that? Nine Nine? That'd be nine. Yes. All Mama's need to listen to episode nine. But yes, no bad days. Equal Bad Moms, we have those moments. And we get to wake up, start over again. The next day, by the grace of God, every new morning is a new day and a new chance to be your best. And remember, if God wakes you up the next morning, you're not done yet. Like you are not done yet. So he's like, Well, let's try that again, shall we? Or come on. But look at it as every day is a new adventure. Like you can change it just a little bit or see what new person you can help or how can you make today better than yesterday was and so well in the fun thing that he said at the end when he like looks outside and sees the snow.


You know what today is? What


day is it actually happened the day was different, it looks different, or the people were gone. There was snow on the ground. And he had this like new look at life. And it is next day. And that's what we should do we should look at the next day is it's tomorrow there's something new and fresh every single day. All right, well, we're gonna leave you to a call to action. But this one's a little bit different than our typical ones. And we definitely want you to watch the movie. A different perspective. One, you're probably a little bit older than when you maybe saw it the first time or do like look at it with like with a couple of the things that we've mentioned, you know, enjoy the one liners that are just so great, Nancy, Nancy Taylor, but enjoy that part, but then also just kind of look at it and see how he transitions and how he handles it. And then why I mean, why was Groundhog Day over? It's because he had finally made a great transition to be a better person. And let's hope that Phil really doesn't see his shadow. right let me summers coming. He's in early spring, please.


This closet will be warmer. This is one time where television really fails to capture the true excitement of a large squirrel predicting the weather


But yeah, right, exactly. But both of us would like to remind you to share this, share our episodes. If you are a loyal listener, we thank you show so much. But we want this message to be out for other mamas, other women, other friends, I mean, we really do. So put this in your stories, put this on your Facebook page, put this in your Instagram. And don't forget to write a review. So you can be named on our next show. And we have some special guests, we have recorded a few guests that will be coming out in February and March, we are going to maybe alternate a Torian Tracy and then the next week, a guest we're just kind of filling in because we know that there are more messages that need to be spread than they experiences in the ones that just she and I know. And so we're going to give this a trial run with some guests talking about other phases of motherhood, other struggles and victories. And we're also going to be talking to other moms who are doing other careers and how they have been able to step into what God has called them to do. And we hope that as we transition and grow, you continue to come along with us for the ride, give our guests the love and support that you have given us and continue to share, share, share. This is the only way that this podcast reaches more listeners and more hearts. Absolutely. And get into our Facebook group like that is where you guys can give us feedback. Ask us questions. You got an idea for a show or a guest that you would love to hear from. Let us know we would love to hear from you. Thank you so much for listening, and we'll see you next week. Bye housewives. This is Tori This is Tori Tracy over here live live here on Groundhog you live it


whether we made you laugh or cry today, we pray you feel appreciated, older and braver than yesterday. stronger and more faithful for tomorrow but living in who you were made to be today. Join our online community on Facebook. Find our link in the show notes. Be sure to review and subscribe on Apple podcasts or wherever you enjoy listening. Until next time housewives we give you permission to walk confidently freely be intentional in your slippers or so let us

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