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Unnatural Fear: Step into Adventure, Episode 4


Hey housewives. Come on in. You know, the dirty dishes are still in the sink and the laundry is still in the basket. Pop your air pods and make yourself at home here. I'm Tori. I'm Tracy, and we are your unlikely housewives stepping out in faith and believing that God calls me unlikely. We are here to show you the appreciation and validation you deserve, lead you to authentic relationships and release you from believing the cultural lies to restore your faith and wellness. Pull up those high waisted yoga pants. Tighten your top knot and reheat your coffee for the third time today. Turn up the volume and let's go


hey, housewives, welcome back. Hey, we are so excited to talk to you guys today about an unnatural fear and stepping into an adventure. Okay, This totally reminds me of I guess it would be our first adventure together is our trip from Kansas City to St. Louis. In the middle of a snowstorm. Yeah, we thought it was just when we signed up for it. It was just going to be this. Let's drive for four hours. We listened to our favorite podcast, it'd be so relaxing. We learn about each other. You know, girls trip, we're going to stay in a hotel. It's going to be this glorious adventure. Right? We were glorious trip that turned into Yes. I think that was more like, and this was for a business conference thing. And so we had it all planned husbands had the kids for the weekend. And we were only supposed to be gone like two nights. Right. Right. So we left. We knew the snowstorm was coming. Yes. But we didn't realize how bad it was. Nor that we were driving straight into the middle of it. Yes. And so what was supposed to be like a three and a half hour. Tracy was driving supposed to be three and a half hour car trip turned into seven hours? Yes. And if you're from our area like I 70 is that there yet? Is what we were on for seven hours and you so you already know how bad that that highway is? Yeah, and good thing that this midwesterner was the one driving that isn't very true. I at least know how to navigate some snowy roads. But I'll tell you it was the scariest drive. I've had Torino where you got to have these little panic moments where I would be freaking out and you would be relaxed. Uh huh. And then you would be freaking out as the passenger and I'm like, I've got this fine. So and so like just little things that I remember is one, how white your hands were gripping the steering wheel. You gripped it so hard and for so long. That even the next day your hands washed and you're like, I don't understand, I was like, because you're gripping the steering wheel with every fiber of your being you you were like the best passenger, you'll need a drink of water. Let me give you some essential oils. And I didn't even take my hands off the steering wheel. You were like putting them on my wrist and you're like smell this smell. Oh, yeah, that one was really running. Is that as like, okay. Do you like this smell? Do you want the tranquil? Or do you want the peace and calming? Peppermint going to help you? We? I mean, it was the music choices. You tried to get me to do the true crime podcast. I think it was like I can't do it. Yeah, we just need something uplifting. I think we ended up listening to maybe some pastors that we both liked. But I think a lot of it was just us going. Okay, just maybe the quiet let's talk and the you know, and so when we finally got to our hotel in St. Louis, we enjoyed some adult beverages because we felt that you know, that was needed and deserved. Yeah, and we hashed out like all the funnies. Like all the things Oh, man and then to there's even video of us doing snow angels. Yep. In the snow. We just needed to go cool off. You just done the day in turn that like fear. Just Oh, no gold clenching drive. Yeah. Anyway, you know what? Let's have some fun. Let's have some joy today. Yes. Do some snow angels without goats. Yes. That one has a lot of fun. A lot of fun. Oh, well. There's more of those adventures that you and I could talk about? Absolutely well, but the reason we actually brought that up is because we were a little afraid. Going into that weekend and going into a snowstorm there was very unexpected snowstorm that we didn't know how we were going to handle it. And together, we faced a fear. We talked it through and we got to the other side. And that's what we want to talk a little bit about today is the natural fear versus the unnatural fear.


So these are two terms natural and unnatural that you probably have Haven't heard with the word feared before. So the way that we look at it is, there are things that you're naturally going to be fearful of, or that fears someone expected. Okay, so let's go through life experiences, going off to college, kids are going to be a little fearful of that a little anxious. That's expected. Your first job. Yeah, that's the next step in the world of what you're expected to do. People are going to go, oh, this is your first job. Yeah, that's a little scary, getting married. That's also an expected step in your life, you know, our life experiences. But to that's something that people are fearful of, and can be fearful of is just like, this is this is forever. This is commitment that I'm walking down into. So people are expecting when you're getting married, like, Okay, you're a little nervous, a little anxious about everything will feed. Yeah, cold feet can go with all these things. Absolutely. Before you're going to college, you're getting cold feet, that you're leaving home, like all those fears that just pop up. They're natural, right? So natural things that we're talking about. And the last one, the biggest example, I think, is motherhood. And becoming a parent is walking out of that hospital with a new, little tiny human, who depends on you 24/7, for everything. And so, yeah, fear comes naturally with all those things. It's expected versus unnatural fear. Unnatural fear is where it's a circumstance or an experience that you're choosing, not everybody is going to experience it, it's not going to be where everybody can relate to you, it's going to be something that there's more of a gray area more of a cloud because people don't understand, and they can't see you can't see. And it's hard for you to explain to someone what you're doing, you can't see the other side of that cloud, or that fog, or that fear, that unnatural space that you're heading into, you know, it's going to be great because you feel led to it, or you're just excited those feelings, that confidence is leading you there. But you don't know what's on the other side. Right. And a lot of times to the unnatural fear is there's some people that have done it, but then a lot of people may have tried it, and it failed miserably for them. Like an example starting a business. There are some people that are very successful at that and they power through and they made it successful. And then they're going to people, they're gonna tell you the horror stories of oh, well, I lost the house, and we're bankrupt and digital, all because I wanted to start a business. So there's a lot of that. So there's more hesitation and more fear with the unnatural fears. Yeah, and I think you hear and attach fear as a negative word. So you don't look at like, Hey, I'm going to step into this unnatural space without knowing all the negative stuff that goes with it. Everybody talks about that, and they talk about the whole, well, this is what I was gonna do, but I got sidetracked or my time didn't allow for it, or the finances or something that held you back. And we just kind of want to talk a little bit more about that, you have to make the choice to step into that. And we're not just talking about owning businesses, it's also health journeys. Working out, it can be something as little as taking family photos, there are individuals that are fearful of being on the other side of the camera, that want to be in front of the camera, that that might be where you haven't taken family photos, because you're uncomfortable in your body. Or you're not sure that you want to document the season of life. I mean, you know, it's gonna be chaos. Because when you take your kids, and maybe your animals do for family photos, you know, it's going to be chaos and stressful. Exactly. It's not too, right. And so the other one that comes to mind immediately, actually is forgiveness. When you forgive somebody, that's a choice. But there's that level of fear of, okay, if I forgive this person, if I tell them, I'm forgiving them, if I let this go, are they going to hurt me again? Yeah. And that is something that people, it's an unnatural thing to do. Yeah, and I think we all are, we've walked through that, like we talked about the natural stuff through going to college and getting married and having kids and where we settle into those much easier, because we don't have the choice. Whereas with the unnatural ones, we've already talked about that experience of we have a choice to make, and you can go down one path or the other. And so much of us are led to stay where we are, be paralyzed by the thought. Like we just stay there. We stay stuck in the thought process of this is what I want to do, but I just don't know how to accept it and move forward.


And I think another reason that the natural fear is so easy to do, is because nine times out of 10 people aren't going To give us a negative judgment towards it, I mean, yes, you might have those backhanded compliments when you get married or are pregnant, whatever. But nine times out of 10 people are happy for you. They're throwing a party for your engagement. They're throwing you a baby shower. They're celebrating those milestones with you. You know, you get the graduation party. Those are exciting things. But nobody's throwing you a Hey, good job, you took Family Photos party, or good job, you forgave somebody party or good job, you started a podcast. And you get, so there's that that lack of celebration that goes with those unnatural fears. Yeah, so the fear isn't turned into the positive. And that's what we're trying to encourage you guys to do today is we have stepped into an unnatural fear of hosting a podcast. And this is the reason that was one of the top topics was because we are we're doing this messy. We're just doing this as we go. And we feel that we still have fears. And we want you to know we've said this every episode, we are a work in progress. And while we are here in in this unnatural fear, we're here to also encourage you that you can be brave and stepping into that. But you might not feel like you can do it alone, you might feel like there's something that's holding you back, and maybe it is judgment of others, maybe it is, you know, maybe your spouse doesn't support you. Maybe it is that your family is going to make fun of you or that your family is going to say you're going to fail at it in you're afraid that you're going to prove them right that you will fail. So you don't step forward. There are a lot of those feelings. We've said before paralyze you keep you in that comfort zone. And so stepping out into just that unnatural Fear takes a really big leap of faith. So what we want to encourage you with is to flip the idea on a natural fear. What if instead of you looking at as this big, huge mountain, this big, huge cloud? What if you looked at it as an adventure? I mean, how many stories did we read as kids that were The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or everything was an adventure when we were a kid. That's all we wanted was adventures, we wanted to be the pirate, we want you to be the princess. We created adventures in our mind. And I will tell you, that is something that I try to do with my my girls is every once in a while I'm just like, girls want to go on an adventure. And I'm like, Yeah, okay. And that may include us just driving out to the country and looking for random things or stopping in a random barn and what but it's this sense of it's not, hey, let's be fearful of this. But it's let's go on an adventure because that's, that's what we, what we're what we live for, is to have this sense of adventure. And so when you look at it as an adventure, compare, becoming a parent. That's an adventure. Compare your marriage, that is an adventure. Those things starting a job, you know, your career is adventure you've had the ups and downs you've got so all these natural fears that you have overcome and walked through and done well with our adventures. Yeah. And so what if you looked at the unnatural fear as an adventure? Well emotes think about when was the last time at some point in our life, we stopped looking at life as adventures. You know, when we entered adulthood, maybe it's when we became moms and all of a sudden, our adventures were through our children's eyes versus our own. And I think that if we can take this piece of looking at our unnatural fear, and whatever category it is that we want to do as an adventure, we're flipping that script and we're motivating ourselves to step out into something exciting. You take more of that negativity away and you place positivity you placed that unknown in that what if I do succeed? What if I do really well? How's God gonna use this? Because there is endless possibilities in how you can be blessed through and grow through, stepping into that unnatural fear. Just like what do you think your kids are going to see when you walk through that adventure?


And what we may think too is not all adventures are spontaneous when people would travel the world and you know the Mayflower and travel overseas to to a new land a new exciting opportunity. There was responsibility that had to be done prior to the adventure. You had to do some things to line it up but they knew that it was coming. So don't look at it as you're just spontaneous. Throwing all yeah, whatever. We wind everything to the wind. Thank you. There is responsibility that you you will have some of that but it still can be an adventure and love If God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it. If this is really part of God's plan, if he's opened the doors for this adventure for you, He will bring you through it. Absolutely in the reason where I feel like we've been a little vague on fear, being a natural fear. We're being vague because it's not for us to define what that is for you. These last two, three years, everything could have stayed the same. Or you could have been on it totally different adventure, trying new careers trying a new online business, you could be trying homeschooling guys, that was an adventure. The end Trust me, I had a whole lot of fears as a mom of going into homeschooling last year of am I going to do enough? Am I going to teach her enough, but it was one of the best rides ever. I absolutely love that year. So you're talking about stepping into that space that you haven't been before? Again, we don't want to define that for you. That is for you to know and maybe you don't know, but you need to be praying about it and asking God Okay, where are you calling me to? What do you want me to do? Where do you want me to step into that? I'm not allowing myself right now. Okay, housewives. We want to leave you with a thought today. That is just what is your adventure that you want to have in? 2022? Will you stay where you are in your comfort zone? Or will you step out into your unlikeliness and into who God calls you to become and we want you to share that with us. We have an Instagram post out today. And so be sure to share what your adventure is going to be for 2022 Thanks house live until next time. Whether we made you laugh or cry today, we pray you feel appreciated bolder and braver than yesterday. stronger and more faithful for tomorrow, but living in who you were made to be today. Join our online community on Facebook, find our link in the show notes. Be sure to review and subscribe on Apple podcasts or wherever you enjoy listening. Until next time, housewives we give you permission to walk confidently freely. Be intentional in your slippers or solet UPS

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